What is your Data Handling and Privacy controls?
Our hardware/software system is linked through your company’s IP address, so any information obtained on the hardware device can be extracted or deleted by the owner of the system.  DermaScan has no ability to gain information from your device nor is the system “web-based” for added security.

Is this retinal scanning for temperature screening?
No.  This system is designed to perform a dermal screening only.

How do I fix an issue with my system?
Please refer to the manual for a reset.  If this does not work, contact customer service and they will walk you through the troubleshoot or may replace the unit immediately.

How do I connect my management software with my device?
You will need to link the IP address between the device and software.  This is done by connecting both the computer you have the software on and the device you are using to the same IP address or modem.

How do I input our employee database?
Please review the manual for all software building procedures.  If there are any questions, please reach out to the number on the website or at

How long will it take to get a unit after purchase?
o    It will take 7-10 days to get a unit after purchase of the system.  This unit will arrive and software will be sent via Dropbox or USB.

Do you have a partnership program for our businesses?
DermaScan partners with numerous companies and prices units accordingly to the business needs.  Pricing on the site represents retail cost.

Where do I find upgrades to your system?
Any upgrades to our system will be on our website in our news/media site along with email notifications.

How accurate is your equipment?
We set our standard at +/- 0.5C (or +/- 0.9F), but normally our system reads at or +/- 0.1F of an oral thermometer.