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How Accurate are Infrared Thermometers?

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

Are you looking for a hygienic method to check the temperature? An Infrared thermometer serves the purpose well. The infrared or non-contact thermometers are gaining immense popularity these days because of their incredible benefits. A large scale manufacturing of Infrared thermometer for business is taking place across the globe amidst the crisis. The infrared thermometer Kiosk for business helps you measure and monitor an individual’s body temperature without bringing it in contact with the person. Thus, the possibilities of infection and spreadable diseases reduce automatically.

Most of the individuals are still not sure if the results provided by the infrared thermometer are accurate or not. “How accurate are the results of an infrared thermometer?” is the most commonly asked question these days. Our great researchers have an answer to this question. Here’s what our researchers have to say about the accuracy of the Infrared thermometers.

Researchers from across the globe have conducted studies to evaluate the accuracy of the Non-contact infrared thermometers. Out of the numerous studies conducted, 20 of them met the inclusion criteria, out of which 4 of them were systematic, and the remaining 16 were non-randomized studies. Here presented are the results d conclusions of the same.

The recordings of the non-contact infrared thermometer from individuals of different age groups were compared with the readings obtained from standard thermometers. The comparators involved in the studies were axillary temperature, axillary temperature, nasopharyngeal probe temperature, pulmonary artery catheter temperature, and oral temperature.

According to the 20 studies reported by various researchers, the readings of a non-contact infrared thermometer correlated strongly with those of gold standard rectal thermometer. Researchers have also observed that the children found the non-contact infrared thermometers considerably more acceptable than the axillary or rectal thermometer.

Researchers have made it clear that the infrared thermometer produces accurate results if used correctly. Are you looking for the most accurate Infrared thermometer for business purposes? If yes, get in touch with the team of DermaScan to get access to the best and accurate infrared thermometer Kiosk for business and various purposes here at DermaScan.

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