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Why are Infrared Thermometers Crucial in Times of Covid-19?

Amidst the rising instances of the novel coronavirus across the globe, nations are embracing different measures to keep themselves free from any potential harm like maintaining social distancing, isolated at our homes, keeping themselves and the environment clean, and so on. Among this, there are different fundamental products and equipment needed to shield ourselves from the infection. These may incorporate ventilators, PPEs, sanitizers, pulse oximeters, and so on. One such fundamental medical equipment is the Body temperature reader. In times like these, where one needs to avoid physical contact with another, the infrared thermometer is considered a life-saving option. An infrared thermometer, the best body temperature reader, is one of the most in-demand clinical devices these days.

Here’s all you need to know about the non-contact infrared thermometer.

What is an Infrared thermometer?

An infrared thermometer is a device used to measure the temperature of individuals or objects. It enables the user to measure the individual’s body temperature non-invasively and rapidly. They are the need of the hour during the corona crisis.

All of us aware that the primary means of transmission of the COVID-19 virus is due to direct human-to-human contact. The non-contact infrared thermometers facilitate the measurement of an individual’s body temperature without getting in contact with that individual. Infrared thermometers are now the most commonly used medical device.

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How do Infrared Thermometers Work?

The IR thermometer senses the infrared energy of an individual or object radiated above the absolute zero temperature (0 °K). The lens of the thermometer focusses the IR Radiation onto the detector. The detector converts this energy into an electrical signal, which will be displayed on the screen after compensating for the ambient temperature. The set up of an Infrared thermometer allows the user to record the temperature readings from a certain distance.

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How to Operate an Infrared Thermometer?

Here mentioned are the simple steps to operate and handle an infrared thermometer.

  • Point the infrared thermometer away from the forehead, just around 3-5cms.

  • Press the trigger button once.

  • It records the temperature. It gives a little beep, and it takes about 2-3 secs to record the temperature.

  • The fuss-free body temperature gun is super light and runs on batteries. You can even change the temperature units between Celsius and Fahrenheit.

The areas of the body temperature infrared thermometer being used are hospitals, airports, offices, houses, schools, malls, general stores, and so on. DermaScan delivers the best infrared body thermometer that provides quick and accurate results.

Infrared Thermometers and COVID-19:

The rising demand for infrared thermometers is due to accuracy and the ability to produce quick responses. The number of Covid-19 cases is expanding quickly. With fever being a key manifestation, it’s essential to have a temperature check of people at each possible spot where there’s a tremendous gathering. The no-contact process of the body temperature infrared thermometer guarantees that no infection is spread on through touch.

The temperature readings of the Infrared thermometer are pretty accurate, especially when compared to the good old thermometer. There was a point where the mercury thermometer was considered a gold standard in recording body temperature. But, digital thermometers soon replaced the mercury thermometers. The basic working principle of the digital thermometer is based on the metal’s resistance to heat. But digital thermometers also have contact and increase the risk of spread of the infection from one individual to another. Infrared thermometers do not allow the spread of infection because they are contactless. While the infrared thermometer becomes the new standard in taking fever, this body temperature gun manages to hold its own even in the blistering heat.

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